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Disguised Ruins, 2015

The Timeline Map - 1965 to 1984

The map below visualizes the opening and closing of every address found in the Los Angeles section of the address book starting with the first edition published in 1965 and ending with the most recently entered edition.   

Years of Appearance in Guidebook - 1965-1984

The map below visualizes the number of years each address appears in the address book.  Cool colors signify that the address appeared in the guidebook for five or fewer years, while warm colors signify six or more years of appearance. 

The Heatmap - 1965-1984

The map below animates regions of high appearance in the guidebook.  Hot spots show where the listings were concentrated, giving us a glimpse into the evolution and transformation of the "gayborhood" in Los Angeles.

The 1965 Addresses, Photographed and Mapped

The first edition of the address book was published in 1965 and contained 76 addresses in the Los Angeles section of the book.  Those addresses have been photographed in their current state using Google Streetview and plotted on the map below.  

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